Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Display Bottles of Treasure

Ever since I found these glass spice bottles at a thrift store, I knew I wanted to fill and display them in my bathroom as if they were lotions and ointments to dab on to promote beauty, grace, patience, kindness, etc.
But I lacked the perfect shelf.
I could see it, but I didn't own it--- yet.
The (empty) bottles collected dust for hmmm, 4 months(?)
awaiting the appearance of the perfect shelf.
Two weeks ago I found the perfect shelf!
It was ugly, but only 10 cents.
Then last week I stumbled upon the perfect wooden architectural element at Hobby Lobby
(to make the perfect shelf more perfect).
Over the weekend I got socked in by the weather and in a fit of cabin fever,
tackled The Shelf Re-do Project.
Perfect timing, you might say.
I just lacked certain tools, (a saw!), but improvised with an old kitchen knife and hammer.
Necessity is definitely the mother of invention.
The knife idea worked perfectly!
Ready for paint.
I painted the ornamentation and edges of the shelf with a yellow ochre base and let it dry,
so when I applied the white top coat and wiped it away in places, the base color showed through.
It looked just as I had hoped-- perfect!
The finished wall arrangement in my bathroom---
just as I envisioned it.
Yes, I think it's perfect.
I love it when a plan comes together!
The square architectural piece was another thrift store find--
cost me just one dollar.
You have to know that the things I envision don't always happen or go as planned.
So I'm giddy that this project did!
Now go make something!


~*~Patty S said...

My parents had a Maple wood (Colonial style) spice rack with a couple of shelves that held spice bottles exactly like those ♥

Love how your shelf turned out definitely have a decorator's touch!


Linda Jo said...

I love your shelf as well! You are so good at accomplishing what you set out to do! A woman of many talents!

femminismo said...

Really like the idea of the bottles filled with those elements: peace, joy, love, patience. Will have to search for a shelf and bottles now!

daysease said...

OH, what a sweet idea!! Love it!! Natalie, It has been FOREVER. and, I have thought about you innumerable times. finally had a chance to stop by again and see what you have been up to. Beautiful, as always. Hug!